Holistic Dentistry

Here at Signature Smiles we believe in taking care of your dental needs, but also taking care of your wellbeing. This is why we offer a holistic approach to dentistry to make sure our patients are always given the best care possible without having to worry about their overall health.

Dr. Conner offers different types of holistic procedures and materials such as:

Silver Filling Removal

There are several people who still have silver fillings, this is because, in previous years silver was the preferred material used for dental fillings. However, now we know that the materials used in those days not only contain high amounts of mercury but they are also very damaging to our bodies.

Here at Signature Smiles we can safely remove an existing or damaged filling to make it safer not only for our patients but for our environment by safely disposing of these materials using a separator.

Safe Amalgam Removal

An amalgam or silver fillings are known to contain materials such as tin, mercury, nickel and silver. The reason why this is not something we use at Signature Smiles is because of the damage it can do to your body, but most importantly because these materials don’t bond to your tooth and they allow for tooth decay to occur between the tooth and filling itself.

Here at Signature Smiles we believe that a more holistic approach is better for our patients so we offer to safely remove any amalgam or filling with materials that might cause damage in the future. We safely dispose of the metal filling to make sure it doesn’t harm the environment.

Metal Free Fillings

Also called composite resin fillings, are tooth-colored fillings that are not only more discreet but also more durable. Composite resin is a material that last longer than any metal filling as they bond to the tooth more securely than silver or gold fillings.

This method is also safer for our patients and for the environment as they are made out of a harmless plastic and glass mixture that causes no damage to the body.

Here at Signature Smiles we want to take care of your dental health, but also your wellbeing. If you want to know more about holistic dentistry, call (423) 301-2330 and Dr. Conner will gladly answer any questions!

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