Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are now very common, they can help cure and treat diseases such as tooth decay and help in procedures like root canals. Lasers have been used in dentistry for some time, but with advances in technology, there are more uses now than there were before.

When used in dentistry, lasers are used mostly for surgical procedures as they serve as a cutting or vaporizing device to the tissue it comes into contact with. They can also cure different materials used in fillings, as it helps create a stronger bond between the tooth and the filling. Teeth whitening procedures also use lasers to accelerate the procedure by enhancing the effect of bleaching agents use to make the teeth whiter.

They can now be used to remove decay in a tooth and also helps with preparing the tooth’s enamel when a patient is receiving treatment for a filling or crown. Lasers can also help with treating gum disease by helping reshape the gums and remove the bacteria during different procedures like root canals. Oral cancer screenings might also require the use of lasers for taking samples of tissue from a patient’s mouth, also known as biopsies.

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