Mouth Guards for Children and Adults

Grinding teeth, or Bruxism, can create serious damage to your teeth and overall dental health. Since many people who grind their teeth do so during the night, it is a hard, involuntary habit to stop.

Mouth guards can prevent further damage to your teeth by protecting them from constant grinding and clenching. Constant grinding not only wears the teeth down, but it can also cause major damage in the long run.

If you are not a teeth grinder or, you might still benefit from mouth guards if you play contact sports. Accidents occur while playing sports and using mouth guards can help avoid any major damage. There are several types of mouth guards that range in prices and comfort.

  1. The first type is the most common type of mouth guard that can be found at stores. These are called Stock Mouth Guards. You can find them at any sports store or pharmacy and they are “one size fits all”. This means that they are meant for anyone that wants extra protection, however; they can become very uncomfortable to wear as they don’t adjust to your mouth.
  2. The second type of mouth guards are called Boil and Bite Mouth Guards, as the name suggest this type of mouth guard, which can also be bought in stores, can adjust to your mouth. Boiling the guard softens the material, which allows it to mold to your mouth, making it more comfortable than the stock guards. These can also be bought in sports stores and pharmacies.
  3. The third and most comfortable type of mouth guard is the Custom-made mouth guard. These are made in laboratories after you visit your dentist, and they are custom made to your measures by taking an impression of your teeth.

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