Oral Cancer Screening

Bringing Oral Cancer awareness is very important for us at Signature Smiles. Around 50,000 people in America are diagnosed every year and the number keeps growing. Early detection is paramount for the chances of recovery to be higher so we want our patients to be aware of the importance of having a screening at least once a year.

Around 10% of people that are diagnosed each year don’t detect it in time and it is too late for treatment to be effective. The screening only takes a few minutes and a visit to your dentist so you can get your mouth, head and throat checked for any abnormalities.

There is no better treatment than early detection! A simple test can detect any irregularities and abnormalities in your mouth and if the doctor believes it is necessary, they will require further testing. During a screening, your dentist will examine your cheeks, tongue and gums looking mostly for sores or lesions in your mouth. Oral cancer can also appear on your neck so the neck is checked for lumps or abnormalities in the skin tissue or abnormal growths.

Your dentist might use a special dye that can detect these things, or use a special brush to swab the inside of your mouth and send to the laboratory to look for cancerous cells. Visiting your dentist regularly and getting checked can drastically increase your chances of an early detection and successful treatment.

If you want to come in for an oral cancer screening come visit us at Signature Smiles at 1605 Williams Road in Hixson, TN. You can also call (423) 301-2330 to book your screening with us!

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