Scaling and Root Planning

Having poor oral hygiene can cause a lot of problems in the long run. No one is born with having good dental health, this is a matter of good habits and sticking to a routine that makes sure your mouth is always healthy.

Not doing so allows bacteria to grow around your teeth and gums, this happens when food particles aren’t cleaned off your teeth and bacteria use that to feed on and multiply. When they multiply, they create a thin film called plaque, which can lead to teeth decay and gum disease when not removed properly. Scaling and root planning are required when there is already damage to your gums and the infection is quickly spreading to your adjacent teeth. This procedure will clean out the infection from your gum and teeth and make sure it is clean and bacteria free to stop the bacteria from further damaging your teeth.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Dr. Conner will examine your mouth and evaluate the extent of the damage done to your teeth.
  2. Once the area is numb, the doctor will proceed to scale and clean out the tartar and plaque buildup. Making sure each gum pocket, gum line and teeth are thoroughly cleaned is very important to stop bacteria from adhering to your teeth in the future.
  3. Once the scaling has been done and all plaque buildup has been removed, the gum gets pushed back to allow for the deeper cleaning. Once that is finalized, the gum would be smooth over the tooth once again.

Scaling and Root Planning can help you improve your dental health by removing all plaque and residues from your teeth. Come visit Signature Smiles at 1605 Williams Road for a consultation with Dr. Conner – she will decide if this is the best treatment for you!

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