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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency Treatment from Dr. Kristen Conner

Toothaches, accidents, or the malfunction of previous dental work create an unexpected crisis in our busy lives that is painful and inconvenient. The urgency of searching for quality dental care can create even more anxiety.

Signature Smiles offers same-day appointments to help people quickly resolve the pain of dental emergencies. Dr. Amber Robertson is highly skilled to treat a wide array of dental issues and she makes sure those living in Hixson and surrounding communities resume their normal lives quickly.

Relief from Toothaches at Signature Smiles

Toothaches are very painful. They usually do not subside without the intervention of a dental professional. A toothache is often a sign that decay has reached the inner chamber, or pulp, of the tooth, which is where the nerves are located. When bacteria infect the pulp, it is painful and can lead to other more serious health problems. Abscesses can form in the gums, putting other teeth at risk of infection. Through the gums, bacteria can access the bloodstream, endangering vital organs throughout the body.

After a careful inspection of your teeth, Dr. Robertson may recommend root canal therapy to avoid an extraction and relieve toothaches. The infection is removed, and the tooth’s function and beauty are restored with a life-like crown.  

Restore Previous Dental Work in Hixson

When fillings fall out, the tooth is susceptible to cracking and needs immediate professional attention. Also, sometimes crowns become loose when slight changes occur in our teeth and oral tissues. When crowns are loose, they expose fragile areas in teeth and makes them vulnerable to infection. Contact Dr. Robertson immediately if your dental work is compromised to ensure that teeth do not undergo more serious and extensive damage.

Emergency Treatment for Dislodged Teeth

Avulsed teeth, or dislodged teeth, often result after an accident. If pieces of the tooth remain inside the tooth socket, it can lead to infection. To stop the bleeding, apply pressure. An ice pack can also keep swelling down until you are seen by a dentist.

Sometimes avulsed teeth are successfully reintegrated into the socket if you immediately receive dental treatment. While waiting to see the dentist, here’s what you should do:

Hold the tooth by the crown and gently rinse with warm water.

Reinsert the tooth back into the socket or safely tuck it inside the cheek.

If a child is involved or the person cannot keep the tooth inside the mouth, place it in a cup of milk or saliva.

Be Prepared with Dental First Aid

Including dental items in a first aid kit can provide some relief until you are seen by a dentist. Consider adding these items:

  • Gauze
  • Orajel for topical relief
  • Oral pain relievers
  • Over the counter dental adhesion to reattach crowns
  • Ice pack

Call Dr. Amber Robertson for Immediate Dental Care

Dr. Amber Robertson treats dental emergencies as soon as they arise. She sees patients on the same day of their crisis and is prepared to treat a wide range of dental issues. Contact her office in Hixson immediately for care that restores health and beauty to smiles.