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Dental Implants

Dental Implants 

No one should feel self-conscious about showcasing their smile, but this may be the case for those with missing teeth. At Signature Smiles, our dental team helps patients improve their confidence through the comprehensive option of dental implants.

Our dentist, Dr. Amber Robertson, utilizes state-of-the-art technology when providing dental care. Our Hixson dental team believes in taking a gentle approach when administering treatment, ensuring comfort.

Implant Treatment at Signature Smiles

Dental implants help preserve oral health, aesthetics, and function. These prosthetics support the underlying dental structures. Implant-supported restorations replace a tooth in its entirety, which is why our dental professionals believe that implant treatment is one of the best solutions for missing teeth.

We understand that each smile is unique and every patient deserves to be cared for on a case by case basis. Dr. Robertson thoroughly examines each patient’s smile to determine how to go about treatment and which restoration option would best suit your needs. Our dentist uses modern technology to perform implant procedures while maximizing patient comfort. We utilize 3D guides to assist with accurate placement, decreasing the risk of complications.

We also offer same-day implant treatment, extracting the damaged or decayed tooth and restoring the smile within one appointment.

If a patient is not able to obtain dental implants due to an insufficient amount of healthy gingival tissue, we may perform gum grafts in the office or collaborate with a  trusted specialist for complex cases. This ensures patients receive the best form of care possible.

Teeth Replacement Options at our Hixson Practice

Depending on what our patients’ needs are, we may provide them with any of the following restorations:

Crowns - This prosthetic is fixed on a single dental implant and can replace teeth anywhere in the smile. Our practice uses tooth-colored porcelain for crowns that allows for great durability and a seamless appearance.

Multi-unit Bridges - Using two implant posts, this prosthetic restores one or more teeth in a row. Implant-retained bridges support surrounding dental structures while leaving existing dental health intact.

Hybrid and Overdentures - Full arches of teeth from either the upper or lower jaw can be replaced using either of our two denture options. Hybrid dentures are permanently fixed within the smile, while overdentures may be removed by our dentist to perform routine cleanings.

Gain a Renewed Smile at Our Practice!

To explore your options for dental implants and restorations, contact Signature Smiles. Dr. Robertson enjoys watching patients leave our office with complete, healthy, and beautiful smiles.