Wisdom Teeth Removal

Some people can go their whole lives without having any bother when it comes to their wisdom teeth. These teeth are the last ones to come through and they are the very last molars in your upper and lower jaw. However, for some people, wisdom teeth removal is a necessity as it becomes too painful or uncomfortable.

These set of teeth come during your late teens, some people get them even later on! And the reason why they are removed in most cases is because they come out once all your teeth have set in and they grow out looking for space to fit in. This is the main problem; due to the fact that once they start growing out they will look for space when there is not really any. They will then push your teeth and create pressure in your mouth which most likely cause your other teeth to misalign or become impacted.

If left untreated, the teeth will continue to impact and shift creating an uneven smile, which can create problems in the future. Having impacted or crooked teeth because of wisdom teeth erupting and creating a shift can create spaces that are hard to reach and harvest bacteria, leading to a buildup of plaque and in some cases tooth decay.

When you visit your dentist, they will examine you and evaluate your X-rays to see how the molars are positioned. Once they determine which teeth need removing, the procedure can take from 10 minutes to a few hours. This is due to the fact that some roots are very big and cannot be pulled completely and need to be surgically removed.

This means that the gum needs to be cut in order to crack the tooth in a few pieces to be extracted this way. Sedation is used in this case and it is virtually a painless procedure that in the long run will only benefit you.

If wisdom teeth are not removed, sometimes they can cause discomfort and also push the other teeth to create more space. Dr. Conner at Signature Smiles can examine you and make sure this procedure is right for you. Call (423) 301-2330.

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